• December 8, 2019
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    Editorial Mission:

    Emerging Manager Monthly is the first and only independent monthly newsletter focused on the emerging manager space. Covering boutique and women- and minority-owned firms – and the consultants, managers-of-managers, defined benefit plans and others who make up the aggregate of this vibrant slice of the asset management universe – EMM provides ‘can’t miss’ content each month on relevant industry news, new firm and fund launches, people and firm profiles, trends, manager searches, and advice and tips on issues facing emerging manager firms.

    Emerging Manager Monthly enables readers to remain informed and up-to-date on the happenings in the asset management industry while providing content that focuses on their unique information needs. The result is a publication that not only informs, but enables.


    No other publication – electronic or hard-copy – delivers this targeted audience. The typical firm receiving EMM has less than $2bn in assets under management, with the majority of firms having under $750 million. These are growing companies most likely to evaluate, upgrade or purchase a service and/or product necessary for them to continue their growth. And EMM’s subscription includes firm-wide distribution, ensuring your message reaches all levels of the organization – from the decision makers to the end-users, CEO, CFO, COO to the Marketing and Sales Professionals.

    • EMM reaches over 6,000 paying subscribers and opt-in trialists each year

    • Additional complimentary distribution to public pension plan, foundation, endowment and corporate pension plan administrators



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