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EMM News Alert
NJ DOI Hires Private Equity Head

The $85.4 billion New Jersey Division of Investments has hired a new private equity director.

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Pension Terminates Emerging Manager-of-Managers

The plan had more than $430 million in the program at the end of 2022.

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Illinois Plan Expands Emerging Mgr. Program

The retirement system has increased its emerging manager program target by $250 million.

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Northeast Plan Approves Emerging Manager-of-Managers Hires

The plan has hired three managers-of-managers to handle a proposed $1 billion across fixed-income, international developed markets and emerging markets equity.

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U.S. Reps Release Endowment Diversity Report

Reps. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.) and Joe Kennedy III (D-Mass.) have released the findings of their inquiry into the use of diverse asset managers by 25 endowments.

Industry News
SEC Must Put Impetus On Requiring Diversity Data: Panel

A panel of experts on diverse asset managers called on the agency to require data on diversity to be disclosed in order to further efforts on increasing inclusion in the institutional marketplace.

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Emerging Manager-of-Managers Firm To Close

An emerging manager-of-managers firm is closing, multiple sources told EMM.

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Two Emerging Manager-of-Manager Firms Combining
Two emerging managers-of-managers have announced they will combine to form a firm with more than $3
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West Coast Plan Guts Emerging Manager-of-Managers Program
The $384 billion California Public Employees’ Retirement System has cut $2.9 billion from its
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New York Common Welcomes Back Emerging Mgr. Head
Anyori “A.J.” Hernandez has returned to oversee the emerging manager program for the $210.5