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EMM News Alert
Emerging Manager-of-Managers Firm To Close

An emerging manager-of-managers firm is closing, multiple sources told EMM.

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Two Emerging Manager-of-Manager Firms Combining
Two emerging managers-of-managers have announced they will combine to form a firm with more than $3
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West Coast Plan Guts Emerging Manager-of-Managers Program
The $384 billion California Public Employees’ Retirement System has cut $2.9 billion from its
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New York Common Welcomes Back Emerging Mgr. Head
Anyori “A.J.” Hernandez has returned to oversee the emerging manager program for the $210.5
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NYC To Invest $1.5B In Early-Stage And First-Time Funds
The $207.9 billion New York City Retirement Systems will invest $1.5 billion with early-stage and
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New York Common Loses Emerging Manager Director
Sheryl Mejia resigned as director of emerging managers for the $210.2 billion New York State Common