EMM Search Alert

EMM Search Alert
Chicago Park Seeking Diverse Bond Managers

The $342 million Chicago Park Employees Annuity & Benefit Fund has issued a pair of diverse fixed-income manager RFPs.

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Boston Seeking Diverse Manager Private Equity FoFs

The plan is searching for a fund-of-funds focused on investing in underlying managers that are diverse-owned or diverse-led.

Private Equity
West Coast Plan Taps Global Credit Mgr.

Plan’s new global credit manager will handle an approximately $700 million mandate.

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Prudential Financial Eyes Diverse-Owned, Led Private Equity Firms

Organization intends to invest $200 million in diverse-owned and led private equity firms raising first or second funds.

Private Equity
LACERA Issues Emerging Global Equity Mgr. RFP

The roughly $69.6 billion Los Angeles County (Calif.) Employees Retirement Association has issued its global equity emerging manager RFP.

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Midwest Plan Seeking Emerging Real Estate Managers

The plan is searching for up to two private debt and equity real estate strategies.

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Midwest Plan To Begin Emerging Real Estate Manager Search

The plan will seek multiple non-core emerging real estate managers.

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Midwest Plan Issues MWDBE Private Equity Manager RFP

The plan is searching for minority-, women- and disabled-owned private equity managers to handle up to $20 million.

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Ohio Plan Issues Emerging MoM RFI

The plan is seeking a manager-of-managers to handle a portfolio of women- and minority-owned international equity managers.

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New England Plan Begins Diverse Private Equity FoF Search

The plan is looking to invest $30 million in a fund-of-funds investing in diverse-owned or diverse-led private equity funds.